Impact of US Farm Bill & 280E

The US Farm Bill and legalization of Cannabis at the state level have both unlocked an amazing opportunity for Cannabis. Compliance is key, which is why we specialize in helping entrepreneurs, investment firms, and cannabis companies navigate through the challenges of regulation, protect their investment, provide business insights, and maintain compliance while maximizing their profitability.

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Micky Williams, CPA

Running a cannabis business is completely different from any other type of business. We specialize in cannabis and are a great ally.

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Services we provide

  • CFO Services
  • CFOs are trained to outline strategic pathways to achieve your company’s goals. We can help determine your company’s direction when it comes to important financial decisions. With our CFO services, you automatically get a team of cannabis industry experts who understand your business on a macro and micro level. You’ll be empowered with the right information to guide company decision-making, capture savings and drive profits. We can serve as your in-house CFO or provide support to your company’s existing CFO. 

  • Controller Services
  • The cannabis and hemp professionals at Accounting Intelligence work across many different verticals. We see successes and failures and can provide insight as to what makes the difference. Capitalize on our expert financial advice and strategy to ensure your financial goals are documented and tracked through key performance indicators (KPIs), projections, and budgets so you can explore the financial impact of different scenarios.

  • Outsourced Enterprise Level Accounting
  • Need a skilled leader with the right experience to manage your accounting department? With this service, we work closely with business leaders and possibly an existing bookkeeper to implement best practices, oversee and improve necessary processes and right-size the department for your company’s needs. Our responsibilities cover anything from business transactions and record retention to payroll and vendor/customer management.

  • Full-Service Bookkeeping
  • Do you have time for all those receipts and day to day financial transactions? Yet, this is some of the most important information for your cannabis business. We record all of your financial transactions timely, so you have the information needed for effective decision making. We also maintain proper record retention, so your numbers are always supported.

  • Software Analysis
  • Your business has gotten bigger, and you need more out of your accounting department than basic QuickBooks reports. We can help you navigate whether or not moving to a comprehensive ERP system like 365 Cannabis is the right call.

    We provide analysis of current technology needs to assess potential cannabis technology stack solutions to increase efficiencies and increase automation.

  • Software Implementation
  • After learning the ins and outs of your business, we recommend and implement the right accounting systems and integrations that allow you to grow and scale as a business.

  • Tax Prep and Planning
  • Cannabis businesses are unique in that they are legal in select states and municipalities, but federally illegal. Completing a canna-business tax return requires a specialist who understands the opportunities and potential pitfalls associated with the industry.

  • 280E Mitigation Strategies
  • Cannabis businesses face some unique challenges when it comes to preparing for taxes. Cannabis businesses are highly scrutinized, heavily taxed and closely regulated. Our Cannabis Tax Team will thoroughly review your financial position, develop the most effective and beneficial tax strategies, and partner with you to provide year-round guidance to help you attain your goals.

  • IRS and State Audit Assurance
  • If your cannabis business receives an IRS or state audit notice, contact us immediately and have one of our pros deal directly with the auditor on your behalf. Audits are built to test the veracity of your financial documentation.  We have pros that come from tax and audit backgrounds with 280E experience, so we offer specialized, insider perspective on an audit’s specific guidelines and requirements. We understand the best steps to take ahead of an audit, including what documents to examine and how to test for any material misstatements. If we encounter any discrepancies, we will identify the best routes to correct them. In addition, we have a network of attorneys in the United States well versed in 280E should the matter escalate to court.

  • Cannabis and Hemp Advisory
  • Cannabis and Hemp Organizations are constantly facing challenges. We understand because we only service cannabis and hemp organizations and can help with the day-to-day and long-term challenges. Our cannabis and hemp pros have helped organizations address many different issues resulting from being issued a new cannabis or hemp license, growth, market expansion, market competition or other crises. We will work with you to identify and implement strategic solutions to help your cannabis or hemp organization optimize profitability and growth, improve workflow and performance, and manage risk.

  • Operating Procedures
  • Do you have proper cash and inventory controls in place for your business?  We take the time to document your current processes and procedures, then propose ways to increase efficiencies, fix internal gaps to mitigate risk, and institute or amend your accounting policies.

  • Entity Formation
  • Starting your own business is exciting and thrilling, but it can be a lot of work, especially if you’re not prepared. Providing consultation and guidance from the very beginning, we can help you select the appropriate entity, obtain a federal identification number, select accounting software, set up a chart of accounts, determine initial capital and borrowing needs, and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws.

  • Licensing Support
  • Due to the early stages of the cannabis industry, the regulations and laws surrounding cannabis are always changing. It is normal to underestimate how complex and detailed the cannabis licensing application process is for businesses. Applying for and obtaining a license in your state is the first hurdle, and the stakes are high. You might only have one chance at applying for a license, so success is your only option.  We make sure your financial model is accurate and sound to support your cannabis business plan.

  • Offering Memoranda
  • Need a cannabis offering memorandum to raise investment capital from investors to start or grow your cannabis or hemp business? Our team has been involved in the creation and implementation of a significant amount of offering memorandum documents for cannabis businesses ranging from medicinal to adult use. We can ensure your offering memorandum is structured correctly.

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Tax deductions available to cannabis dispensaries are severely impacted by IRC280E. The IRS prevents owners from taking normal business deductions. Our approach is to ensure that your business is legally maximizing its allowable deductions.



Here is how we help manufacturers of edibles, oils, topicals, or other cannabinoid products. We compute actual costs associated with grams per units produced to provide accurate cost accounting and reporting.



We determine costs associated with growing plants and provide guidance on how to properly account for inventory on your financial statements and tax returns to maximize tax deductions.


We work very closely with high net-worth individuals, and private equity firms looking to invest or have investments in the cannabis industry.

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We learn the ins and outs of your business and hash out what our working relationship will look like.

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We conduct an assessment of your business,  accounting, and provide an analysis for areas of improvement.

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We work together with you to create a specific plan to accomplish your goals.


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We employ our innovative solutions to support compliance and financial growth.

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The Leading cannabis accounting and financial management software that solves integration issues with inventory tracking, compliance, and management reporting


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Our cannabis advisory firm utilizes over two decades of experience to solve the greatest Cannabis and Hemp compliance issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We service a range of customer types from pre revenue to million-dollar operations.  Therefore, we the pricing varies but we do have the ability to build a package that makes sense for your business with flexibility to adjust as we grow your business.

Many business owners feel like they can do the accounting themselves.  Honestly, for a small non-cannabis business this could be true.  However, with IRS requirements on how to maximize your allowable tax deductions require a high degree of cost accounting and accrual-based accounting knowledge. Having a firm that understands the tax deduction requirements can help your cannabis business develop 280E tax mitigation strategies to reduce your overall tax.

We service clients in states where cannabis and hemp are legal in the US.  Our firm embraced technology way before the pandemic so we can collaborate with you virtually in the cloud.  If required, we are able to make site visits as we have capabilities to meet in person. 

Yes. We work with a variety of CBD and Hemp businesses, with online and retail locations.

If you had heart condition and needed medical attention you wouldn’t consult with a general medical doctor for advice. Rather, you would meet with a heart specialist to receive the best information possible to make critical decisions. CPAs that specialize in cannabis will help you avoid the pitfalls in this heavily regulated cannabis industry.  Not all CPAs are the same and not all are cannabis specialists.

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owner image
Dr. Steven Kaufman
Founder & CEO

Tiger 21 Chair –Houston
“I run a multi-million-dollar private equity investment firm where we rely on accurate financials for our investment offerings. We cannot afford mistakes on our financial projections. We need sound, reliable, and accurate financials for our investors. Accounting Intelligence continues to deliver on their promise by going the extra mile to do great work!”

owner image
Roger Pilney
Founder & CEO

Radix House Coffee Shop
“We are an Austin, TX coffee shop that introduces our customers on the benefits of Hemp & CBD while they enjoy a great cup of coffee. Accounting Intelligence has been with us since day one providing valuable Hemp advisory and accounting services to our business. They have been a great contributor in helping us grow.”

owner image
Lisa Pittman
Cannabis & Litigation Partner

Zuber Lawler LLP
“Micky is a great cannabis professional to have in my network. His firm does an excellent job at knowing the cannabis industry as well as staying on top of the latest developments with the Texas Hemp law. He is one of my favourite CPAs at Accounting Intelligence”

owner image
Dr. Carlie Bell-Biggins
Founder & CEO

“I am a cannabis expert as well as Natural Medicine Physician. I have spoken at national cannabis conferences alongside with Micky and invited him to appear on my Dr. Carlie podcast show. He and his firm are truly knowledgeable about many aspects of the cannabis industry from forming the best entity structure to navigating IRC 280E for cannabis companies”


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