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Accounting Intelligence aims for accuracy and transparency in both our books and how our service works. If anything remains unclear or if you have a question not covered in this FAQ, please send us a message and we will happily get you the answers you need

We service a range of customer types from pre revenue to million-dollar operations.  Therefore, we the pricing varies but we do have the ability to build a package that makes sense for your business with flexibility to adjust as we grow your business.

Many business owners feel like they can do the accounting themselves.  Honestly, for a small non-cannabis business this could be true.  However, with IRS requirements on how to maximize your allowable tax deductions require a high degree of cost accounting and accrual-based accounting knowledge. Having a firm that understands the tax deduction requirements can help your cannabis business develop 280E tax mitigation strategies to reduce your overall tax.

We service clients in states where cannabis and hemp are legal in the US.  Our firm embraced technology way before the pandemic so we can collaborate with you virtually in the cloud.  If required, we are able to make site visits as we have capabilities to meet in person. 

Yes. We work with a variety of CBD and Hemp businesses, with online and retail locations.

If you had heart condition and needed medical attention you wouldn’t consult with a general medical doctor for advice. Rather, you would meet with a heart specialist to receive the best information possible to make critical decisions. CPAs that specialize in cannabis will help you avoid the pitfalls in this heavily regulated cannabis industry.  Not all CPAs are the same and not all are cannabis specialists.

Yes, we can help you transition your books over to an enterprise level accounting system like 365 Cannabis. As part of our onboarding process, we’ll make monthly journal entries in 365 Cannabis from your monthly account totals in Xero or QBO (for both the balance sheet and the P&L/income statement) going back to the beginning of the year.

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